Partner With Me

I am so thankful for the individuals, families, and small businesses (all listed below) that have come along side this ministry. You are helping me reach more and more people with a message of faith, hope, and encouragement, and I appreciate you so much.

If you are interested in joining me in changing the world one letter at a time, click HERE to make a 1 time gift.

My Partners

Matt & Jessica Fifer – Bentonville, Arkansas
Doug Guyer – Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Rex Guyer – Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
David Archibald – Lake Forest, Illinois
Tammy Stephens – Bentonville, Arkansas
Louis Tehan – Chesapeake, Virginia
Scott Crossett – Bentonville, Arkansas
Sheila Halvorson – Dallas, Texas
Chemo Beanies – San Clemente, California
Marcia Stringer
Leigh Dean – Bentonville, Arkansas
Stu Todd – Bentonville, Arkansas
Kendee Hughes – Alma, Arkansas
Verline Williams – Lenoir City, Tennessee
Sharon Morton
Kim Vernon