(Letter #27)

Hi Natalie!

I’m Laken. I know we haven’t met before but I wanted to write you a letter after seeing a post your mom made in the medulloblastoma Facebook group.

I was diagnosed back in February and I’m nervous to start chemotherapy in June.

When I saw you were able to go to prom in the middle of your chemo cycles, it made me feel a lot better!  You looked very pretty, and I loved your dress!

I’m not old enough to go to prom yet. I’m only 12, but I’m looking forward to that day when I’m older.

I know God stands ready to do wonderful things for us if we have faith and I can see that happening in your life. Thank you for being an inspiration to me while I’m fighting!

Continue to stay strong! I hope you have an awesome Summer!

Love, Laken


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