(Letter #24)

Dear Mimi,

How did I get so lucky to have a Mimi like you?

You have always made me smile when I am going through a tough time and you always Face Time me when I am not feeling good.

No matter what you make me feel better.

I love coming to your house to swim and you always have the best treats.

You always help us so much when we are out of town or when we need you you’re always there for us.

Thank you for running errands with me when I want to go out. And thank you for always making the best food for all of us.

When I am sad I know that you will make me feel happy.

Your words are always so positive and they always encourage me.

Thank you for being the best Mimi ever!

I love you more than anything!

Love, Laken

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  1. Claudia

    Laken, That was ADORABLE❣️ I still have your letter you wrote me last Mother’s Day on my frig❣️ You are always thanking everyone❣️ I have missed you not being here to help me make sausage balls. And everything you always help me do❣️ Watering my flowers❣️ You will be well again soon, I just know it❣️ I LOVE YOU, Your FAV MiMi😍🥰😘


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