(Letter #14)

Hi Donnie! It’s Laken.

I wanted to write you a letter to let you know I’ve been thinking about you.

I’m happy we had the chance to meet at our radiation appointments.

I enjoyed talking with you so much! I’ve been praying for you.

I pray the side effects you were feeling from radiation are getting better and I pray your broken foot is healing.

I’m also praying they tell you you’re cancer free! I thought it was special we got to see you on your last day of radiation with your certificate of completion!

I’m excited to ring the bell and get my certificate, too! I know we will be able to put cancer behind us and move on with our lives.

I really hope you are able to start teaching like we talked about.  You’d be a really great teacher!

Here’s a pic of us from our appointment. I won’t ever forget you!

Love, Laken


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